Socotra flights last update(11/05/2019)

Socotra Eco-Tours can book your tickets to Socotra with Yemenia and Felix Airways. Just email us with your planned dates to and you will get your e-tickets within few minutes. 

Schedules can be checked at or Yemeni facebook page
Schedules of Yemenia as below

Here is the current flight schedule from Cairo to Socotra:

2:00am: Depart Cairo for Seiyun
6:30am: Arrive Seiyun
7:45am: Depart Seiyun for Socotra
8:45am: Arrive Socotra


Here is the current flight schedule from Socotra to Cairo:

9:45am: Depart Socotra for Seiyun
10:45am: Arrive Seiyun
11:45am: Depart Seiyun for Cairo
14:45am: Arrive Cairo



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